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My Wardrobe Collapsed [IKEA]

This happened in Dec 2009.

Last Monday, I did not wear new clothes, not even new shoes, for me that is just an ordinary day… But God does want that day to be a ‘special’ day.

I was ready to go to office but when I was about to stepped out the room I saw my wardrobe swing. I want to make sure that it wasn’t my blurred sight so I took a few steps backward. In less than a minute it happened just like that; the drawers fell to the left and crashed into the door that was half-open.

So, I was trap inside my bed room. In a state of shock I yelled calling my house mate who was in the bathroom. No respond. I’m not sure she’ll hear from me in the bathroom while she was about to having some shower. *.*

Well i don’t have any idea what to do next. Should i asked a late permit to the office coz i was caught up in my room? I, myself was quite surprised to see the closet become ruins. My house mate went out of the bathroom with cheerful smile and suddenly dazed when she saw the wardrobe collapsed and blocked the door.

After successfully escape from the room and went to the office, my heart is not calm enough. I don’t know why this happened, is it because i wasn’t managed myself to spend my 1hour in the morning prayer? Is that the point that made God so upset? But i’m sure that He knew that the night before i was doing something which made me very exhausted.

After Lunch, He told me to be grateful because the wardrobe did not fall when I was still in front of the half-open door. Otherwise that big wardrobe will bore down upon me. And the second one, to be grateful for the cabinet collapsed when I was at home and the door is open. Because if after work My roommate or I found the wardrobe collapse behind the closed door, we will not be able to enter the room.

6 Days later which means today, me and my room mate decided to buy a cabinet frame which already break down into pieces. we were helped by a very nice landlord and my house mate to made this. so this is it now :

very cute !!

Lemari kami
[After] Lemari kami : IKEA design
Lemari Roboh
[Before] Lemari Sewaktu Roboh


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