Saturday Diary

Christmas Steamboat Day

I woke up at 11 am today. I probably won’t be awake if my cell phone did not ring. Mariana called, reminded me on our 11.45 Christmas Steamboat Day with Maria’s CG.

11.00 Please, Give Me 10 Mins More to Sleep (sneak behind my blanket)

11.10 I couldn’t open my eyes T.T 5 mins okay

11.15 Give Me 5 Mins More to Sleep (snooze my alarm)

11.20 Okay, 5 mins more. I’m Serious with this 5 mins.

11.25 Seriously, This is really my last precious 5 mins..

11.30 Went to the toilet, back to the bedroom to tide up my little wardrobe

11.45 Vacuuming the whole room (text Maria that I’m gonna be late)

Saw lots of hair dropped.

I can’t just leave the room and went away, so i decided to vacuumed and mopped the floor.

12.00 Moping the whole room

12.10 Took a shower

12.25 Walk out to the Station

12.45 I walked along the edge of the road, under the hot sun, to a private apartment located opposite of the Changi General Hospital. I remember the hospital very much, because I went there twice in the past two years. T.T Carried a paper bag with small gift in it for the gift exchange session. ~ A bottle of body shop limited edition Lychee Blossom bath foam. ($ 14.90)

Steamboat Foods
Steamboat Foods

Finally I arrived at the couple’s two-room condo (newlywed Yoel & Olive) around 1 PM. As usual, condominium unit is always so stylist, slick and convenient. Has been sitting on the floor 13 others when I stepped in.

We eat. We feel completely full. Too Full : Exactly!

Sausage. Beef. Squid meatballs. Beef meatballs. Enoki mushrooms. Vegetables. Fish. Japanese Tofu and Cheese Tofu. : D Plus Udon & White Rice. Huge!

I do not know how many bowls that other people have, but I’ve certainly eaten three full bowls. : D

After lunch, we played Taboo! *, Exchanging gifts and playing cards. 🙂 This thing lasted for 6 hours, but I don’t have time to feel bored in the middle of it. They are friendly and fun people.

Christmas With M&E's Cool
Christmas With M&E’s Cool

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