Saturday Diary

My First Self Made Sunny Egg

It took COURAGE to fried your first sunny egg!

During elementary school, I find it easy for my sisters, aunt, cousin, house helper, and all abang nasi goreng to fried a sunny egg. But when i tried to made one at home, turns out it was not easy at all. I remember how they did it, It was crystal clear that they knocked the egg, pull one side of the crack to the left and the other one to the right.
Plung! Then that was the pretty egg on frying pan.

But for sure, my two hands was not good enough to do that. I’ve tried so many times,, spent a lot of them (eggs) for experiment and always ended up with omelet. The yellow yummy part was always destroyed and stir together with the white.. what can i do then?

So when it comes to instant noodle, our house helper always helped me with the egg,,
I realize that someday I wanna be able to made my own sunny egg. I kept that in my heart,,

Few years later, my art teacher at secondary school asked us to made our Easter egg with white cement, and we need to use real egg.. I remember I am not so good with eggs so I panicked. I bought ten eggs because i need it shells.. As what my art teacher said, I knocked the top of the shell so it will have a bit of cracked; then i’ll peel that cracked to made a small hole. That small hole should be big enough for chopstick to jump in, the chopstick will stir the yummy yellow with white part. All the eggs were made into omelet while i washed the inside part of the shells.

After the class was over, I found an idea.
to made my own sunny egg… !!!
I took one egg.
I knocked the top of the shell, peel the crack and pour the white part of that egg to an empty bowl.
Then I pull the crack until it has a very huge hole for yummy yellow to plunge into my bowl..

And Now, I could made my own sunny egg like any other normal people..
without those steps.. 🙂



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