Monday Thoughts

Last Night Dream

Not a Nightmare, Yet Not A Wonderful Dream

It feels light and i could move easily, floating around in the air. I saw my body laying on the bed, but I wasnt surprised. Where am I? Was that even my bedroom?  As if I don’t care about the answer, I went through the window playing with the air and enjoying the warm sunshine in the morning.

Since Yesterday, I havent heard anything from him. However, I couldnt remember how far away the yesterday was. Maybe his phone was broken or He couldn’t find any payphone to call me.. Was he robbed? Did he not remember my phone number? I remember two of four phone numbers He used, and I think it is important to remember phone number rather than just saving them in a very vulnerable thing like a phone.

Lots of pictures, shadow, images flashed in my mind, a plane crash, he was gone, and none of us could find him.

Suddenly I was drawn by the winds, which was huge. And I came upon a house, that looks familiar to me. I guess I’ve seen these type of houses on TV while i was watching  western drama series. The house was made of wood, neatly painted outside and neatly charming inside.

There I saw him, thought he see me, I smiled with relief. He speak but I cant hear him. Then I realize he wasnt talking to me. Some minutes later, before my eyes is the picture of a happy family, with different skin colors yet smiling happily to each other. On that long dinner table, 8 of them.

Old couples with White Hair and Pale Skin, Him, another guy who is black, one woman in her mid 20s with brunette hair, one little girl with blonde hair, and two other persons that i couldnt describe.

Despite their different skin color, I can recognize them as a family. I can’t hear what they were talking about, so I just watched this scene with heart full of peace.

When he turned, I hope he can see me. But he could not see the spirit I guess. I watched him and by the way he spoke, he looked like a different person to me althought physically he looks the same. Then My ears heard something, like, the conversation between the old couples .. “Maybe we could introduce him a new life, a fun one.. we’ll never know if this is gonna be better than the one he had in the past. He could not remember anything after the plane crash, we cant contact his family. I kinda wish he could be part of our family.”

What? He didnt remember anything? The Huge winds rushed to get me back. I tried to remember the name of the road, the area where he lives .. but I didn’t get the chance to read it .. I do not have time to remember as much as I can so I can go back there.

I returned to my room, Its dark. I enter my body and woke up.

I tried to find something, I don’t have any clue on how to find him. I’m trying to find the house. How could i look for him in a country as large as that? I remember the furniture, the living room and the dining room of the house.. but i can’t recall the street name or anything. Did they give him a new name? How if i could never find him again? How if he doesnt remember me at all if he see me? Am I really would spent decades to remind him on me? Would it be better if I give up and start my new life.. as he started his in the place where i couldn’t even found?

– It was last night dream. Some of my friends said that I am one of the few people who had weird dreams frequently. ;(


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