Grace Upon Grace – New Creation Church Worship (Lyrics)

It has been more than two years since i bought the last NCC Worship album. I kinda like some of the songs they wrote in the past year. 🙂 Hope there is an album coming soon this year. Here is another one of my favorite:

Grace Upon Grace
© 2014 New Creation Church

Lord You reached out through time and space
You took on my sin and pain
Enduring grace collided with my shame
And made me whole again

Every care and fear abandoned
When I look upon Your Face
Unending grace supplying every need
I see how once again

You were relentlessly pursuing me
Now all my heart’s surrendered to


Your grace, Your grace upon grace
Here I am, with all my fears washed away
By Your love, like mighty ocean waves
Endless and Free
(Lord I receive)
Your grace, grace upon grace
Here I stand, with my hands lifted high
Coz You gave Your love Your life for mine
Lord I receive, Lord I receive Your Grace

[Bridge] Lord You have changed me from glory to glory
Crowned me with favor and mercy
Now all that’s within me will cry out in worship
I stand forever amazed


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