Sunday Service

Cinta Penuh Skandal?

Kemarin ini ada temen yang broadcast potongan kotbah yang dia denger dari pendeta Carl Lentz. Bagus juga nih, Originally Quoted from Carl lentz sermon :

Do you know about this reckless, abandoned, not fair, mindblowing, not me but You kind of love? About this Love that runs and rushes to a prodigal son even though he took all his father’s money, broke his heart and smelled of pig poop? About this Love who rushes to restore. About this Love who calls you His Beloved in whom He is well pleased – irregardless of what you do or do not do .

If you are having things go wrong in your life, the good news is that this Love keeps no record of wrongs. This Love is not interested in showing people how bad they are. This Love is not about proving a point that doesn’t matter. It always shows up. Always protects (you). Always trusts (in you).

If you are wondering if anyone is going to show up and rescue you from your situation/ circumstances/ bad week/ mistakes, i know that this Reckless, Ridiculous, Illogical, Unearned Love is rushing to love and rescue you.


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