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Hope of Glory – New Creation Church Worship (Lyrics)

Hope of Glory
© 2016 New Creation Church

Who am I
That You would know and love me
Sculpted in Your glory
Before my eyes could see

When I’m lost
Stranded in my frailty
Flesh and blood has failed me
You’ve come to set me free

Here I stand
Before the great I AM
At the cross
I found my life again
Lift my hands
Surrender to Your Name
O risen King, Jesus reigns

When hearts betray Your kindness
Still Your grace is greater
Than my wretchedness

Outstretched arms
A love that bled devotion
Mercy like an ocean
Drowns my sin and shame

Christ in me, The hope of Glory.. Hallelujah.. Hallelujah

Empty Tomb
My Love, You’ve won the victory
I love to tell the story
Of Christ who lives in me


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