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How False is Ps Joseph Prince Preaching?

Some people were concerned when they found out that I’ve moved to New Creation Church and listen to Ps Joseph Prince preaching. I can tell from the look on their face without waiting for words out of their mouth. Ps Prince teaching about grace shocked / shake lots of people i guess. How astray is he?

In 2009, I came to New Creation Church (NCC) which at that time was still in The Rock Auditorium, Suntec. Well, I never heard of this church before. I saw Pastor Prince on stage, dressed in black with face that reminded me on Stefan Salvatore (one of the vampire brothers in The Vampire Diaries Series). I was trying to ignore everything he said cause it doesn’t seemed right according to what I have heard and learned as christian in the past 10 years.

At the beginning of 2010, my cousin came to Singapore to find a job. So, i invited him to my current home church. He told me that he felt dry spiritually and in need of a church that are not so focused on building a new venue. We went to some churches and he is interested in NCC, so we’ll accompany each other every week. He accompanied me to church in the afternoon and I accompanied him to NCC for night service.

As usual i always fell a sleep during service in NCC, I can hardly wait for dinner after service. That happened every week, but once upon a time I was super awake so I listened to Pastor Prince preached somehow.

He said something that fitted my condition, i was dried too like my cousin – but I ignored that. I realized that in the past 5 years, I was in comma spiritually and all activities were merely routines.

Serving, morning prayers, bible study, encouraging people to church, helping those who distress – gave me a little joy but not much of a help to this spiritual comma.

Pastor Prince shared about 2 things:
a. I am saved by grace and my salvation remain in grace. It’s not by my hard earned work, grace is undeserved and unmerited favor.
b. Condemnation kills

At that night, I realize the root of the problem that caused me spiritual dryness then comma in the past 5 years. Turns out it was CONDEMNATION. I tried to do a lot of things to make myself worthy in his presence, as if the price HE paid at the cross is not enough.

Pastor Prince taught us that the price HE paid on the cross super exceed the debts/sins we have/did. When i heard of it, my spirit was set free from the chain of condemnation, and peace starts to flow in my heart again. Pastor Prince might dress in dark most of the time, but his preaching gave me light.

My cousin decided to return to Indonesia because he was not able to find suitable job here. I have decided to move permanently to NCC although it means going to church alone, because I have many friends in my former church already.

Five years has passed since I moved to NCC, do I regret?
I believe that Lord has a reason in sending my cousin to Singapore for 3 months, I was set free from spiritual comma and walking with a new hope.

Am I an ignorant, lazy, living a sinful lifestyle in purpose because of this Grace Revolution teaching?

Honestly, I don’t think I changed to that extreme. Although Ps Prince made me realized that doing good does not increase His love nor His grace towards me, and my lack does not make Him love me less (reminded me on this song by “The Pretenders – I’ll Stand by you” lyrics: “…Nothing you confess would make me love you less…”).
I am just no longer proud of myself when I did something good.
I am just no longer under endless condemnation when I did something wrong.
I still apologize to people when i made a mistake.
I still prayed to God in daily-basis, sing, care, (serve although it was not as often as many years ago).

I am constantly reminded here that:

I am a human being, i may change anytime but HE remain constant. (listen to One Thing Remains by Jesus Culture)

I am still not perfect but I can soak in His righteousness, because I am made to be righteous of God in Christ and He is changing me from inside out. (listen to Inside Out by Hillsong)

He loves me. He wants me to live an abundant life and freed from brokenhearted, defeat and bound.

and so many more…

To be honest, I don’t see anything wrong when the teachings point us to Jesus goodness, perfection, love, power, victory, grace, mercy and so many others.

It is still every single person’s journey in life to have intimacy in his/her walk with Jesus, no matter where is the church and who is the pastor.


5 thoughts on “How False is Ps Joseph Prince Preaching?

  1. I was skeptical before reading your article
    Thinking it would be another person bringing down the grace of God!

    But I’m glad I read through… Its true Condemnation is the problem here…Pastor Prince teaching on grace given to him by the Lord- that message literally saved my life, I would have been dead.
    But Jesus Christ sent Pastor prince to minister the amazing grace message.. I’m free now, completely healed and totally conscious of Abba Father’s love for me.
    Praise the Lord!
    Psalm 116

    1. One of the reasons i wrote this is because some people were brought to this blog after entering search keyword in google “joseph prince astray”.. So i felt why not writing about it based on my experience? 😄

  2. Sebenarnya manusia akhir zaman punya banyak sekali dalih untuk menolak undangan kasih karunia dari Raja di atas segala raja, sesuai dengan yang tertuiis dalam Kitab Suci: Sebab Aku berkata kepadamu: Tidak ada seorangpun dari orang-orang yang telah diundang itu akan menikmati jamuan-KU (Lukas 14:24)

    Tetapi Raja di atas segala raja menghendaki rumahNYA harus penuh dengan orang-orang, maka DIA menyuruh FirmanNYA keluar dari mulutNYA untuk melaksanakan kehendakNYA pada orang-orang yang tidak diundang, di segala jalan dan lintasan, yaitu: Pergilah ke semua jalan dan lintasan dan paksalah orang-orang di situ, masuk karena rumahKU harus penuh (Lukas 14:23)

    Firman Raja di atas segala raja yang sanggup melaksanakan kehendakNYA pada orang-orang yang tidak diundang itu, sehingga mereka mau masuk memenuhi rumahNYA dan menikmati jamuanNYA yang sudah disediakan. Memang lewat banyak cara FirmanNYA memaksa orang-orang yang tidak diundang itu agar mereka mau masuk rumahNYA.

    Dalam perumpamaan anak bungsu yang terhilang, anak sulung menolak masuk untuk menikmati jamuan dalam rumah Bapa bersama adiknya yang barusan bertobat. Inilah yang sering terjadi pada senior-senior rohani yang berseberangan pendapat terhadap yang baru bertobat dengan dalih ada kesesatan dalam proses pertobatan tersebut. Memang kita semua sesat seperti domba, masing-masing mengikuti keinginan dagingnya, maka Gembala Agung segala domba mau memberikan dagingNYA untuk dimakan domba2NYA dan darahNYA untuk diminum oleh domba2NYA, sehingga domba2NYA bisa diselamatkan. Bahkan ada yang hampir-hampir tidak selamatkan karena bahan-bahan bangunan rohaninya bukan dari emas, perak dan permata, melainkan dari kayu, rumput kering dan jerami. Tetapi karena kasih karunia Raja di atas segala raja, maka merekapun diselamatkan, seperti puntung yang ditarik dari dalam api.

    Jika orang-orang yang dibenarkan oleh kasih karunia Raja diatas segala raja, hampir-hampir saja tidak diselamatkan, bagaimana dengan nasibnya dengan orang fasik dan orang berdosa, yang tidak percaya pada Injil kasih karunia ini?

    Oleh sebab itu kita wajib meminta kepada Raja di atas segala raja, apa yang hendak dilakukanNYA, yaitu: Minta FirmanNYA datang melaksanakan kehendakNYA pada mereka, yaitu : memaksa mereka menerima kasih karuniaNYA untuk masuk dalam rumahNYA dan menikmati jamuanNYA. Syukur Puji Raja di atas segala raja, TUHAN YESUS KRISTUS. AMIN!

    dr. Habel Marthen Ndoen
    Klinik Pratama Inhealth-SAM-GG
    Kompleks PT Gudang Garam Tbk.
    Kediri, Jawa Timur – Indonesia

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