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Diary Medan: Eat 7 Times a Day in Medan City

Day-1 | I briefly closed my eyes… then suddenly we have landed at Kualanamu (Airport in Medan). Flight from Singapore to Medan only took an hour, very fast. ^^, Medan was well known for its foods, so here’s what we have on the first day:

Bakmi Akun/Akhun

In one of LDP’s Medan Vlog (They are notorious Indonesian Youtubers in case you haven’t seen), Mamun devoured Bakmi Akhun, with his face turned red saying that it was the best noodle that he has ever had in his life.

So here we are, with 2 bowls of noodle and 2 duck eggs in front of us. How do I find it?


I’ve tried something similar in Jakarta (Bakmi Lamlo at PIK), and this is actually nicer than Bakmi Lamlo, but I still think, wish and hope that the best is yet to come.

For the first time, I heard people in Medan using short form to order Ice Tea, “Padi” for Ice Tea and “Mandi” for Sweet Ice Tea.

Price: Total IDR 58000 for 2 bowls of noodle (IDR 20K), 2 duck eggs (IDR 10k), 1 mandi (IDR 4k), 1 padi (IDR 4k) and 2 hot tea (IDR 2k).

Kwetiau Ateng

After Bakmi Akhun, We walked across to Kwetiau Ateng that is famous for their fried Kway Tiao. The price is pretty much the same as Jakarta, I thought they will be cheaper. ‘O’


We ordered one Fried Kway Tiao and one Fried Noodle. Though we hope that they will taste better than our favorite Kwetiau Medan Akang in Jakarta, they are not. As usual, we’ve post the food pic in Instagram after eating and T’s friend commented that Fried Rice is Kwetiau Ateng’s best dish. Okay, Maybe Next Time?

Price: Total IDR 84000 for both.

Bakmi Keriting Siantar Jl Singa

The name sounds common and too long. It did sound unreliable when my friend, S, said that this is a way better noodle compared to Famous Medan Noodle Place like Bakmi Aon/Bakmi Akun.

I doubt, cause I’ve never heard of this place before.


The bowls in front of me seemed like ordinary noodle,… till a minute later. That doubt can go long way off, cause i found that this noodle fit my taste in every way. The noodle’s springy texture, the crispy fried pork, chili, everything just mixed perfectly in my mouth! This is too good, I don’t mind coming back the next day. From that minute on, I promised myself that I will never doubt S when it comes to food.

Price: Total IDR 44000 for both.

Nelayan Seafood Leng Hong Kian

While waiting for R to arrive from Padang City, We ate this snacks Leng Hong Kian at Center Point Mall. Three of them ordered durian pancakes and still acted innocent..


What is Leng Hong Kian actually if you’re curious? They are minced prawn, fried with flour and dipped in Mayonnaise. What do you think? Nice, of course.

Price: Total IDR 137720 for Chinese Tea IDR 37800, Ebi Ball Mayonnaise IDR 55600 and Durian Pancake IDR 31800

Chasio Afuk (Afoek 88 Asli Sukaraja) Jl Katamso

Chasio Asan was in our lists, but R landed half an hour before Chasio Asan closed therefore we decided to find another Chasio Place.


We ordered 3 portions of roasted pork-char siew pork here and share it among five of us. I like the roasted pork cause it’s tender and crispy at the same time. This one too, I don’t mind coming back here!


Price: Total IDR 219000 untuk 3 portions of pork, 2 Homemade Passion Fruit, Ice Tea, Homemade Barley, Homemade Kietna.

Istana Maimoon

After eating, we stopped and went into Maimoon Palace. There are so many people dressed in some local ethnic national costume, we thought there was an event so we almost asked them for pictures. Apparently, you and i can also playing dress up there, they rent it for 40000 IDR.


But we don’t.


Price: Total IDR 40000 for 5 tickets and a tip.

Sop Sumsum Langsa

We spent almost 1.5 hour to find this place because Medan is really complicated, every shop house has two unit numbers, something like 72/51, 53/105, etc, so Google Maps was showing mislead results. ~.~!

They finally came in front of us, two portion of Sum Sum Langsa Soup (Beef Marrow Soup) and one bowl of Soto Medan (Beef in Coconut Milk Soup). We’re excited but we don’t know what to do with them cause they are crazy hot.


The waitress saw that we’re confused, she taught us how to eat. We should hold the marrow, take some soup with spoon and pour it inside the marrow before we sip it through the straw. How does it taste? Nice, Unique, We like it.


Price: IDR 163900 for 2 Sum Sum Langsa Soup (IDR 96k), 1 Soto Ayam (IDR 22k), 1 Nasi Putih (IDR 5k), 5 Smashed Potatoes (IDR 15k), Drinks (IDR 11k)

Street Food at Jl Selat Panjang & Jl Semarang 

I’m full though we always shared our foods, so we decide to close the day with street foods. We randomly ordered 3 Bao from a shop house, Toko Bakpao Kacamata, they are nice.


Price: IDR 30000 for all 3

Next we went to buy some crispy roll pancake, they seemed to enjoy it but I don’t find it special though.

Price: IDR 15000 for 1 pack

We passed Bakmi Tiong Sim Noodle which a lot of people say good and worth trying, but we were just to full for another heavy meal. So we just walked and finally decide to sit near one of the counter to have some snacks.


Everyone from another food counters, came and hand us the menu book. But we decide to just do snacks, Satay Padang and Martabak Piring (Plate Pancake).

Price: IDR 123000 for 1 Seafood Fried Kwetiau (IDR 35k), 1 Portion of Satay Padang (IDR 30k), some purple drink (IDR 20k), lo han guo drink (IDR 20k), Mineral Water (IDR 6k), Mandi (IDR 7k), Padi (IDR 5k)


“There’s always a room for dessert” is actually true. I can’t taste the sate padang, but I still find the crispy plate pancake super good.

Price: IDR 29000 for 3 crispy plate pancake, 3 thick plate pancake

We’re not supposed to feel tired cause we’re just eating from one place to another, but we were tired so we went to bed right after shower and small talk.


Since 2007 it has been one of my bucket-list to visit Medan with #Piranhas (there are 5 of us), but we always end up going abroad for vacation at any chance we have.

Finally this year I got a chance to visit the city that is famous for its foods and phenomenal Lake Toba. Why is it phenomenal? Short story, it was actually a mountain (Mount Toba) before it erupted, sinked and then turned into a beautiful lake.

Sadly, my #Piranhas buddies didn’t join me this time.

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