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From Medan to Siantar to Parapat, Lake Toba

Day-2 | That morning, the five of us pick MH and MP from airport then head right away to Parapat, Lake Toba. It will take us 3 hours to reach Parapat, so we ate S’s mum home cook fried noodle for breakfast.


Petrol Cost: IDR 340000

#tujuhgoestomedan was formed that very morning. I was usually asleep in the car but chose to be awake so we can chat.., and talk non-sense.., and i won’t miss seeing my dad’s hometown. All checked, though we were lost at some point.

I’ve learned that there are two routes to reach Lake Toba from Medan:
– Rute Medan > Kualanamu > Tebing Tinggi > Pematang Siantar > Parapat Toba > Pulau Samosir
– Rute Medan > Brastagi > Air Terjun Sipiso Piso > Pulau Samosir > Parapat Toba

We took the first route and reach Siantar around 1 o’clock. We had Medan Chinese Food at RM Sibolga Nauli for lunch. MH ordered pork chop, fried mixed vegetable and stirred prawns. They only made all of us satisfied. 😀


Price: IDR 294000 for Pork Chop (IDR 75k), Mixed Vegetable (IDR 50k), Stirred Prawns (IDR 85k), 3 White Rice (IDR 18k), 3 Badak Root Beer (IDR 28k), Juice Kweni 3 (IDR 36k), Mandi (IDR 6k)

Fluffy Kaya Bread from Roti Ganda was our starters before the actual lunch.

Price: Unknown (S secretly bought it but didn’t poisoned it ^^,)

I forgot that I have a dear friend whom I closed with during University, in Siantar. He saw my Instagram post and said hello, I should have contacted him! 😦 Sorry, A!

Chatting and Eating were the greatest part of our journey, episodes from childhood, school, college years, courtship, friendship, breakups, movies, marriage are brought up out of the sudden.


Not long after we passed the palm oil farm, we finally saw a sneak peak of Lake Toba through the car window. S parked his car at the side of the road, while the 6 of us ran out of the car in awe of the view.


I honestly like this, though lots of mosquitos bite my legs i still took more than dozens of selfies and group photos in this place.



We arrived at Hotel Inna, Parapat, in the afternoon around three or four. We put our stuffs in the room, and head to the lake right away. The sky was still bright but we’re still hesitant to try the water activities. Only R who was so excited and jump into the lake as it was only a pool, we just soak our feet there.


Hotel’s Price:
1-Family Room for 5 pax (IDR 1200000)/night include 4 pax of breakfast
1-Standard Room for 2 pax (IDR 844000)/night include 2 pax of breakfast


As sun went down, there are these lovely pinky horizontal lines in the sky. T took her camera and snapped R who was swimming in the lake with that beautiful background, then some selfies and group photos. Nice.



I actually took some photos of our hotel room, but i couldn’t find it, it might be deleted accidentally. So sad!


The sky was getting darker, so we went to eat at this chinese restaurant, RM Hongkong across our hotel. I believe my eyes lit up so brightly when I saw “Pu Yung Hai” in the menu, it seemed like thousand years since i last had this.


MH ordered my Fu Yung Hai (fry stir egg, veg and prawn), Fried Pork which turned to be awfully nice, Mixed Vegetable that is pretty good but not as good as the one we had in the afternoon, and Fish soup that is so comforting.

Price: IDR 292000 for Fried Pork (IDR 70k), Mixed Vegetable (IDR 50k), Fu Yung Hai (IDR 60k), Fish Soup (IDR 70k), 4 White Rice (IDR 30k), 1 Sweet Hot Tea (IDR 5k), 2 Padi (IDR 7k).


Before returning to the hotel room, we popped into the nearest shop to get some beer, playing cards and fresh milk to help some of us with our constipation. MP and MH were so tired because of early flight that morning so they went to sleep. The five of us (R,S,T,L and me) were playing cards and chat, this episode reminded me of college days when me and my colleague friends would chat about everything in our lives at midnight while playing cards and snacking during our weekend getaway.


Price: IDR 191105 for 24 bottles of water, some snacks and instant noodle.



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