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Motor Biking at Samosir Island, Lake Toba

Day-3 | After having hotel’s breakfast, S drove us to another hotel where from there we can enjoy Lake Toba scenery thoroughly.



We took some jump shots here, cliche, only the girls.



R was really funny. When L was about to put R’s new bag on the grass, she said, “No, Not on the grass, Not that!” L was surprised though he and R have been friends for quite sometime, he never saw someone who appreciate a bag like R do, he thought that was just some MEME story he read on internet.

T and I made a joke out of it, “You, we, all can sit and stay on the grass, but not the bag ok!”


Sometimes I would remind L out of sudden, “You can be on the floor Le, but not the bag ^^!”


We spent less than an hour with the view, and stopped to watch a woman weaving Ulos fabric. Some kindergarten student were running from the pool. We saw a little girl with short hair and we could imagine T looked like that when she was a kid. A little boy fell down while running, we tease R that would be her son, after she mentioned how she prefer dauntless guy. The teacher hold a little girl, T said that it must be little me cause she must not want to leave the pool until she was dragged by the teacher.


When we get to the port that will cross us to Samosir Island (Island in the middle of Lake Toba), MH decided that we should at least try Batak food for once. She picked Siganupari Ajibata and ordered roasted pork, Saksang, Cassava leaves (the photo only represents 80% of what we actually had).


Price: IDR 181000 for 3 Sets of Rice and Roasted Pork (IDR 75k), 2 Sets of Rice and Sangsang Pork (IDR 40k), 1 set of Roasted Pork (IDR 18k), 1 Tanggo Arsik (IDR 13k), 5 Badak Root Beer (IDR 35k).




When we got into Samosir, we rent 4 motorcycles for 3 hours. We only did one round to the bottom part of the island, because one of the bike suddenly broke down and we waited 45 minutes to get it fixed.

Price: IDR 300000 for four motor-bikes rental 3 hours, IDR 112000 for 7 Ferry Return Tickets to Samosir




We decided not to extend the rental hours and head back to hotel so we could play with waters before it gets dark. It took only 30 minutes to cross Samosir to Parapat Port. We did ate some boiled Peanuts and talked about Ahok (Jakarta’s governor) with local people cause they kinda love Ahok.


We arrived at Parapat around 6:40 pm but surprisingly the sky was still bright so we can swim around. L and T were not feeling well so they decided to walk around the hotel instead.

An hour later, the sky was getting darker and the weather started to get cold. MP started calling L, from soft to loud tone but it was a waste of time cause no one is actually coming or ever coming. R & S ran to the receptionist to get another key so we can go into our room to take shower.


Thank God we can enter the bathroom. Half an hour later L & T came back, L was scolded by the girls. Of course.

After shower, S drove and brought us to a street with lots of Padang Food, but our heart and mind are towards Indonesian Instant Noodle (Indomie), so we decided to have that with Chicken Satay Madura for side dish.


We ordered some local drinks like Local Coffee, Bandrex (Ginger Drink), Hot Tea, Basu (Badak Susu=Root Beer with Milk). I think this BaSu cause my stomach hurts. It hurts so bad for 15 minutes.

Price: IDR 178000 for 7 sets of Indomie (2 Double, 5 Single with additional eggs IDR 66k), all drinks mentioned above and some crackers. IDR 68000 for 30 sticks of chicken satay.

Back at hotel, S&L were watching TV to see 3 Jakarta Governor candidates debating. While T&MH modeled for R&Me to do make up with MP supervision.


I find these two ladies who rarely put make up, looks good with make up. L was stunned for few seconds to see his childhood friend T in full make up, he kept reminding himself about friend zone. (I made this up :p, but i believe one of them asked L if he fall in love that very second which L didn’t answered)

S saw MH who was his childhood friend and said that MH looks better naturally then heavy make up. Why? Why?


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