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Eat 7 Times a Day in Medan City ~ Episode 2

Day-4 | We decided to skip hotel’s breakfast so we could enjoy Siantar noodles before returning to Medan.

Petrol Cost: IDR 280000

Our first stop in Siantar is Bakmi Banban. We made a mistake ordering 7 bowls of noodle for 7 people because the portion is huge and they made us full right away.


Total: IDR 153000 for 7 bowls of mie pangsit (IDR 119k), and 7 drinks from tea to passion fruit.

Our second stop in Siantar is Bakmi Awai that has become MH’s favorite for a long time. We ordered 2 regular bowls and share it among us 7.


Price: IDR 38000 for 2 bowls of regular mie pangsit

I suddenly thought of the famous Bakmi Aon Siantar, if it would taste better than these two. I love Bakmi jl singa * . * #myeyesshinebrightlikeadiamondwhenthinkingofit

We arrived at Medan in the afternoon and directly head to Pasar Rame. While MP was busy shopping, the rest of us are ordering food along the way in this market from emie, taukuahechi, kietna, miesop and others (below photos clockwise). I love miesop and tau kua he chi here.

Total: IDR 85000 for 2 glasses of kietna (IDR 24k), 2 portions of emie (IDR 32k), Ice Sekoteng (IDR 15k) and other drinks.

IDR 66000 for 1 bowl of mie sop (IDR 16k) and 2 portions of Tau Kua He Chi (IDR 50k).


Done with our eating at Pasar Rame, we go straight to Jl Tilak to enjoy the famous Sate Padang Ajo. We ordered 31 pieces of beef/chicken/lamb skewers and 2 lontong for 7 of us. Although our stomach tank are 70 % full by the time we ate these, we still find them pretty good.


Price: IDR 134000 inclues 31 skewers & 2 lontong at IDR 100k, drinks and crackers at IDR 34k


After our late lunch, we did a bit of shopping at the new sponge cake shop Napoleon then dropped by Cafe Kito while waiting for our seafood dinner. We were bored, so we decide to get a sheet of paper with crayon and start drawing. This is fun ^ ^ see the results below : ~


Total: IDR 119900 for 5 glasses of juice from Avocado, to Oranges. IDR 65000 for Napoleon Green Tea sponge cake that doesn’t taste good.

Price of this Napoleon sponge cake range from IDR 55000 to IDR 75000


The evening was closed with six of them enjoying Durian at Sibolang Durian. I made it through, still alive and breathing. 😀


Cost of 4 Durians (Total 5.6 kg): IDR 185000

We cancelled our seafood plan and stepped back in Kwetiau Ateng. I finally got a chance to try their fried rice and it is really good.


Total: IDR 184000 includes 1 Kwetiau Ateng, 1 Fried Rice, 1 Fried Bee Hoon (IDR 126k) and all kind of drinks from hot, cold, sweet & aloe vera (IDR 58k)


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