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Diary Medan: The Best Bihun Bebek, Nasi Lemak dan Kari Bihun Medan in the Whole Wide World? :)

Day-5 | We are up that early morning to enjoy breakfast before sending R to train station that will bring her to airport.

Bihun Bebek Ahiok (Duck Bee Hoon) at Jl Gede gave me a whole new experience eating bihun bebek, they look pale but yet the best Bihun Bebek that I ever had in my life .


In addition we ordered hot beancurd, while the rain pours in front of the food shop. Our appetite were really good, we finished everything in no time. After breakfast, MH decide to go back home with her bike while we sixes get into the car.

We were a bit surprised when the waitress from the food shop chased us to the parking lot cause they have not received any payment for the food we ordered. Leo was held hostage at the food shop while waiting for MH to confirm if she has paid the bills (she is our finance by the way ^^,),  while four of us send R to the railway station.


Total: IDR 123000 for 3 portion of Bihun Bebek and 7 drinks.

Done with Bihun Bebek matters, we dropped by Meranti to collect our sponge cake orders and stopped at Sun Plaza Mall to watch movie. I fell asleep in theaters while Batman Lego movie is playing in front of me, the movie is boring. ~


Movie Price Cinemaxx: IDR 60000 per orang.

Price of Bolu Meranti ranged from IDR 65000 to IDR 85000

After the movie was over, we went back to S’s home. His mom have prepared Bee Hoon Curry (Kari Bihun) that S claimed allegedly better than famous Kari Bihun Tabona. I’ve never eat Tabona in my life, but this one is really out of this world . : ) ~


The day ended with delicious Nasi Lemak Medan, I was too full and couldn’t intake anymore food after that ~ so Lontong Medan that MH bought for us are kept aside.


Price: by Mr S and Ms MH.

We went to airport together in the evening, MP carried 80 pounds of stuffs though she only have 40 pounds of baggage allowance for check-in. Thankfully no drama, and she can check in smoothly. ~


We ate A&W before returning to our own city, sipping the nice root beer float.


Total: IDR 453000 for 6 portion of rice, fried chicken, fries, curly fries and 6 glasses of root beer float.

Return ticket from our home city to Medan (include baggage) range from IDR 1200000-1500000

Total Cost Per Person for the entire trip: IDR 2-3 Million

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