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Wonderful (Grace Made Real) – New Creation Church Worship (Lyrics)

Wonderful (Grace Made Real)
© 2017 New Creation Worship

Heaven come into this moment
Only in Your presence
Wasted hearts have come alive

Whisper love that words can’t fathom
Break these walls of silence
You are singing o’er my life

(Chorus) O how wonderful Your love for me
O how beautiful Your grace unending
My heart cries for You, Jesus
And my heart cries out
I will ever sing Your praises
I will ever sing

Mercy found me in my failings
Take these shattered pieces
Mend them in Your nail-scarred hands

Freedom paid with arms wide open
All my sins forgiven
I am Yours forevermore

Take me higher
Draw me closer
Grace made real in every weakness
Jesus, I surrender
Take me higher
Draw me closer
Grace made real in every weakness
Jesus, I surrender


9 thoughts on “Wonderful (Grace Made Real) – New Creation Church Worship (Lyrics)

  1. Mbak saya lihat komentar mbak dan blog mbak, kayaknya mbak pengikut “Hyper Grace” yah?
    Hati2 aja mbak, karena ajaran itu pinter banget muter balikin fakta, wong yg masuk sana aja kalo di Indonesia itu orang2 yg pernah kepahitan sama gereja sebelumnya…

    1. Hi Mas, aku jemaat NCC (New Creation Church), aku kurang info soal berita hyper-grace yang kesebar di Indo, selama ini cuma tau simpang siur aja sih. Tetapi sejauh aku disini, kotbah2nya masih membangun, menghibur, mengajar, menguatkan, mengingatkan aku akan Tuhan Yesus dan cukup memberkati aku sih. Semoga orang-orang yang kepahitan sama gereja sebelumnya bisa dipulihkan ya, soalnya kan ga ada pendeta atau gereja yang sempurna. ^^, kita semua cuma mau sama-sama bertumbuh lebih baik terus aja didalam perjalanan kita bersama Tuhan. Take care.

  2. I love this song. The first time I heard it in the service, I’ve been searching it online. Thank you for the lyrics. Do you know where I can buy the song so I can have it in my playlist?

    Many thanks!

      1. I see, How if they never upload the video on YouTube :/ ? But I don’t wish to buy the album from the NCC Store that will be waste of money. So, would you mind buying the album and once It is being released and upload it on YouTube ty

      2. Sorry.. I dont think i can do that, i’m not familiar with this Youtube thingy. Hopefully someone else will do, i saw people uploading NCC songs in Youtube 🙂

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